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The first recipe in my Mamaw’s Recipe Calendar is titled “Candy”. The title confuses me. If you read the recipe you will discover this is just the recipe for Marshmallow Rice Krispy Treats. It seems like such a simple thing in 2022, but it made me wonder if this was a “new” treat in 1955 when she wrote it in this calendar.

This wonder had me researching rice krispies. I learned, in 1928 Rice Krispies cereal first appeared on the market from Kellogg’s. It was advertised as “The Talking Cereal” because of the sound made when covered in milk. The Marshmallow Rice Krispy Treat is reported to have been invented in 1939 by two ladies at the Kellogg Company as a fund raiser for Camp Fire Girls. They were not officially marketed by Kellogg until 1995.

So was it “new” in 1955 when Mamaw wrote this in her calendar? I don’t think it was. The recipe was first shared by the Kellogg company in 1941. Maybe it was becoming more popular in Mississippi and I am certain for a 42 year old pregnant mother of 6; who already had grandchildren as well; it was an easy treat to have available. Mamaw’s recipe matches the Kellogg card even down to the “32 Marshmallows”.

Now does anyone today actually take the time to make the treats themselves? I would say rarely; they just go buy a box of ready made treats. While buying the ingredients to make the treats, I pondered if it was cheaper to make them myself or just buy a box. The recipe shared here makes about 18 squares. The cost break down is below for the ingredients.



32 Marshmallows


5 cups Rice Krispies


1/4 cup butter



$5.10 for apx 18 squares ($0.28/ square)

Pre Packaged Rice Krispy Treats

$5.99/ 8 treats ($0.69 per square)

It is definitely cheaper to make your own. And it is so easy! Not to mention the pre packaged has so many extra ingredients to keep it “fresh” as you can see in the "ingredient" picture from the box of pre-made treats.

We definitely should make these treats for our families instead of feeding them all of these additives unnecessary for their health.

Enjoy this video of me making this treat for my family friends!

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