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Mamaw Vincent's Recipe Calendar

The cover is tattered, the pages are brown from grease and the

weathering of time. I reference the recipes in this book every year around the holidays. The memories flood in every year and I always get the notion to take the time to share these recipes. The book is crumbling and I fear this may be the last time I am able to turn the pages without it falling apart. My hope is this is the year I will make every recipe and share them here with you.

My dad said Mamaw really didn't have her own "recipes" per say. She wasn't a chef, but these are the recipes she chose to take note of in this Weems Insurance Agency calendar from 1955. They were important enough for her to write them here and that makes these recipes important to me.

1955, almost 70 years ago. These are the recipes important to her when she was 42 years old. 3 years younger than I am now. 1955 the year she was pregnant with her seventh and last child, her only son, my father Sonny. 22 years before I was born. I wonder what she was like when she was my age. The age of my sister now who also just had a baby at 42. I guess my sister and I are both keeping family traditions strong.

I hope this blog will keep these family traditions, recipes, stories, and bonds strong. Strong like she was. Strong like my family. Strong like she was described after her death, like a big strong oak tree. With roots deep and branches long providing shelter and security to those who needed it.

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