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The warmth

Like a hug wrapping around me when I walk in

The smells

A whirlwind of moments and memories flood my mind

The sight

A place at the table always for me making me feel safe, secure

The sound

Laughter, lessons, and love

The taste

Food and flavors forever fill my life with recollections of THE KITCHENS

The Kitchens

These memories come from the kitchens of my Mamaws and Aunts. I was a child from young divorced parents working and trying to get by. Many days my sister and I would stay with one of our Mamaws or Aunts. Most of my childhood memories are not in front of the TV or a video game Thank Goodness! I found myself at the table or sitting at the bar in their kitchens. The kitchens where they fed the family, the community, me and my sister. One of my youngest memories is me standing on a chair cooking for my sister. I learned so much in those kitchens.

Through the years and as these wonderful women have passed on I have gathered their cookbooks and recipes. These are my life treasures. I hope with this site to share these southern recipes with my family and the world. To give their memory and recipes life now and forever. I hope anyone who visits this site or tries one of these recipes feels the love they shared with me.

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